An Introduction To Sociology By Abdul Hameed Taga & Abdul Aziz Taga



An Introduction To Sociology with a text supplement on Sociological Theory, Social Research and Social Problems of Pakistan for BS (Hons.), MA, MSc., CSS, PMS, Entry Test and Other Competitive Examinations

By Abdul Hameed Taga and Abdul Aziz Taga



Abdul Hameed Taga and Abdul Aziz Taga


Abdul Hameed Taga and Sons


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This book has been written keeping in view of the needs of the students of sociology. Most of the foreign book have been written in their local context, it is difficult for the students to relate these books with Pakistani context. This book not only fulfills the requirement of the students of sociology but will also work as a general text book for all kinds of readers across the disciplines.

  • A student-and-exam-oriented-approach book.
  • Simple and easy explanations of the concepts with reference to the Pakistani society.
  • Covering all major concepts of principles of sociology.
  • Pictures based explanations of the concepts.
  • Short questions based on the text of the entire book.
  • MCQ’s on each chapter.
  • A brief introduction of sociological theory along with theories of prominent thinkers.
  • A brief introduction of social research along with major research mathods.
  • A detail insight of the major social problems of Pakistan.


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